Foto: mondoromulo

Salvatore Troiano

He was born in Naples in August 1977. He attended the Filippo Palizzi Art Institute in Naples, obtaining a diploma in Applied Art in “graphics / printing art”.
The irrepressible passion for the innumerable expressive forms of art led him, immediately after graduation, to attend the Nikoe sas in Naples, atelier – artistic printing house, where he deepened not only the ancient techniques of printing, chalcography (dry point, etching, aquatint on copper and zinc), manual multi-colour screen printing, lithography on stone and woodcut, photography and development of dark room photography, but also actively collaborated with atelier artists and artisans in the realisation of exhibitions by artists such as Bertoni (engraver) , Dell’Aversano (teacher of the Filippo Palizzi Institute and painter), Stefanucci (teacher of the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, set designer and painter). He continued his journey of in-depth study of perfecting these ancient techniques by attending art workshops where he learned Neapolitan eighteenth century terracotta production techniques and began to take an interest in the various forms of popular art understood as the Arts of the People.
Between 2004 and 2005 he began his personal journey as an artist, creating works of his own genius on various media including paper and canvas and terracotta sculptures. In the same year he published an illustrated book entitled “’A vita’ e Pullecenella” published by Voyage Pittoresque. In June 2008 he made his first solo exhibition entitled “La Mor (T) e di Carnevale” (“The Death and Love of Carnevale”), in March 2009 he exhibited an installation at the Pan museum in Naples. In June 2009″ Lassammo fa ‘Dio ” (“Let’s Leave It In The Hands Of God”) became the title for an exhibition at the Ceramics Museum of Montelupo Fiorentino (Fi) following an itinerary in five other cities. 

In March 2010 at the Pan Museum in Naples he exhibited two sculptures inspired by Gianni Rodari. In September of the same year he exhibited at “Discorsi Visivi”, a collective exhibition at the Rocca dei Rettore in Benevento.

In June 2011 he presented a sculpture at the Giffoni Film Festival.
In September 2013 he exhibited again at “Discorsi Visivi”, in Benevento.
In June 2013 he participated with a pictorial work at the Forever Young exhibition at The Giffoni Film Festival.

In December 2014 he exhibited a terracotta installation in the Limatola Castle.
In 2015 for Giffoni he presents an oil painting entitled “Solo Sole”.
In 2016 he created an exhibition at his atelier entitled “Open”.